Thursday, February 18, 2010

Winter Fashion Forward

I was never that big into Fashion. I always go for comfort rather than style. This is how I have always been; I guess its just one of the cornerstones of being a small market news reporter. Did I need to wear the cutest wedge sandals or reasonable flats when I chase illegal immigrants?  All in a timely manner, you know without having to worry about a rolled ankle or something. Lately fashion is making more of an influence in my life and I am trying to get into it more. Sure I am still incredibly cost conscience and I won’t drop over 75 bucks on a single item, but I am starting to get more fashion forward. Here is what I have been wearing lately.

1. Target Boots in Cognac.
6 ladies in the office have them. I love, love, love em. So comfortable, very cute, and classic. It’s a surprise to everyone that I spent under $30.00 on them. They go with just about everything and I love the flat boot. It’s more casual, but it works for me because I am tall. I don’t feel like a giant when I am running amuck at work. Love them! My favorite item in my closet this season! Knowing Target they are probably gone – if you get lucky enough the name is “Kady by Mossimo” I think they come in black, cognac, and grey.
2. Plaid Shirt Dress:

I know this is a common younger trendy look but I love my yellow plaid shirt dress, it has more of a flannel feel to it, so it’s definitely a late winter piece. It reminds me of something you would see on a college campus but it’s comfortable and somehow is a look most young ladies can pull off. It’s much too short to wear just as a dress alone, I usually wear it with tights, or leggins’ (yes I say leggins’) I have taller cowboy boots and the whole look is really girlie and fun.

3. Nine West Blouse: First… I don’t normally use the word blouse but I wanted to try it today. My mom uses that word. LOL. This has such a flirty little neckline, and so flattering. It is navy blue and I usually pair it with bright accessories. It’s a bit oversized and has sleeves; this is a must—especially this time of year.

4. Roxy Infinity Scarf:

This was a gift from one of my close friends, Rany. It is an infinity scarf and I must tell you I was nervous about the white color. I spill food on myself constantly. It is so cute, and I get so many compliments. It’s SUPER soft and has a cable knit design. It’s the perfect winter accessory. It goes with just about anything and it’s just a great staple. Loves it!

Honorable Mentions: Long John Shirt from JC Penney, University of Minnesota sweatshirt, Ralph Lauren PJ bottoms in XXL, and my NBA green Celtic socks. These are my comfort staples that keep me toasty and happy all winter long.

I could probably live without some of the items above but I do love them so. Anything in your closet you’re LOVIN’ right now?
XOXO, Kelly

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Why Am I Catholic?

Today is Ash Wednesday and I thought what better way to get in the holy spirit of the season then to blog about it!

I am a good catholic: I’ve been to the Vatican. I pray. I confess my sins. I have been baptized, participated in first communion, and went through college confirmation.

I was in the office talking about what religions my co-workers identify with, and if they agree or disagree. I identify with catholism as a foundation of who I am. I was in 1st grade when I started going to catholic school and regardless of how young I was, it shaped me to the person I am today. For all the negative things people have to say about the Catholic community, there are a million things that I am happy about – when it comes to being a Catholic woman. Sure, I will acknowledge that there is plenty of drama and a slight bit of hypocrisy in the Catholic Church. There is also the fact that homosexuals, birth control, and the role of sexual abuse has been overwhelming. How do you identify with a religion that is close-minded and ignorant to accept abuse or NOT accept individuals for who they are? I think any young person who is Catholic would ask themselves those questions.
Honestly, walking away from church each Sunday (or Saturday evening lately) and having that significant lesson: imitation discipline, generosity, and conviction. Wasn’t it Pope Paul VI, which said “if you want peace, work for justice”??

Can I digress for a moment and say that when Pope Benedict was being elected…I was so into it? The smoke billows, the process behind the election. The Pope is the man! You already know I have a love affair with Germany. So, he being German just gets me all types of excited. Although, I know it is probably not quote-unquote politically correct to call the Pope… creepy. He kinda is. I feel uncomfortable going into detail and its soooo sacrilegious to go on record saying the leader of the entire Catholic community of over a billion members is creepy. However, I hope I get into heaven regardless of my personal thoughts about the Pope.

So, why am I a catholic? Because I feel that I am a person of faith, I have always found pride and comfort in knowing that I am supported by a faith based community. Their message is one of acceptance (there are probably a few people that would disagree), fellowship, and inclusion.

I hope if you are reading this blog and you are inspired to examine your own faith. And I hope everyone who does get the opportunity to read this realizes that I am not knocking any faith. I love all religions because it represents the vast and incredible ideals of faith. And I have a secret desire to be Jewish. Sssssh Don't Tell!


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Oh Baby!

So, I am throwing a baby shower for my good friend Melanie. She didn't ask me to throw this lavish affair, I actually asked her about planning it.  I pride myself on hosting some really great parties. This goes back to my days at SCSU when we came up with a "Utensil Party". That was a gem. Everyone had to drink out of a utensil. I think I had a ladle but the night ended with a measuring cup. I digress.

So I am knee deep in Baby Shower planning. I am not really a game person. We get it. Baby food looks disgusting; I am not going to try to identify them. And diapers and stuff is quite annoying. So I am planning some out of the box baby shower ideas.

I don't want to reveal all of my surprises, but one thing I don't mind sharing is the special cookies I am ordering. They are from Amanda, the creative woman behind a blog called "I am Mommy" and also "I am Baker" This is an amazing blog that I started reading and I instantly adored it. It is just really cute and offers unedited accounts of her motherhood. The up's and the down's. When we visited with her she brought cookies, they were delicious and I would definitely suggest ordering a dozen cookies for your next event. Here are the ones I hope Amanda creates. I really need to get my baking on and try and make one. The monkey would have one eye missing, and half its ear would be gone.  

I can't imagine having a child. Melanie is hilarious. And her accounts of pregnancy deserve its own blog. It also reminds me of how strong women are. Of course, men are too but women have this uncanny ability to be multitasking beauties that create and carry these wonderful little people. I am so excited for her.

Insert shameless CUTE photo of Melanie and all of her bridesmaids. When she was married last year. All of these lovely ladies are new mom's or mom's-to-be. WAIT... except for the one in the MIDDLE. Whoa! Slow Down! No baby bumps for me :)

Gotta keep the baby shower underwraps for now, but the YELLOW text color is a hint and also it's going to be a wonderful Safari Theme. The rest is up to my imagination.