Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Kelly Belly

Which one of us is pregnant anyway?  I have never been a hypochondriac but I really think I have this syndrome. It’s called: Couvade syndrome, basically it is when the husband or partner of an expectant mother experiences some of the same symptoms and behavior as the mother. The behavior I have taken up is over-eating and emotional eating. I believe I have gained more baby weight than my prego roommate. How is this possible?? And to be technical, I am not really the “partner” of my pregnant roommate… She has a husband, and I have yet to notice him gain weight. I could also have weird hormone levels, morning nausea, and disturbed sleep patterns. None of these things have occurred, but I sure feel more fluffy around my dreaded mid-section.
As my roommate gains weight with her tiny and adorable baby bump, I am also gaining a bit of a bump. But, my bump will not be a bundle of joy. I am hoping to ditch the round midsection sooner than later.
Okay…to be fair I am not necessarily out of shape, but as the weather has become seasonally warmer I have noticed that my body looks a little bit different. I am a pretty slender person but something seems a bit more round around the middle. Does everyone notice a difference when the spring arrives?
Well, in an effort to be somewhat prepared for even warmer weather I have been going on walks every evening with Hendrix. This has made him very happy and me very happy, too.
Tonight I walked around Lake Nokomis with Tiffany and the pup. It has been so gorgeous outside. I have to take advantage. I have a new process…before I even think about it; I lace up my sneakers and throw on my black gym shorts and jet outside. If I even ponder my next step…I will talk myself out of going. Yesterday I walked around my neighborhood with my Zune turned up so loud, and I even jogged. Hendrix likes to stop and smell quite a bit so it allowed for a very easy pace. And he was so tired he even let a few small children pet him. Boy that was a break-through.
I hope to lose this baby weight soon. I would hate for anyone to approach me and ask me when I am due. *smile*

xoxo Kels

OT: & I apologize in advance for talking about my weight. I know how annoying it can be. Cheers to HEALTH!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Fascination with Craigslist

Most of you know that i am planning a big move! i really can't wait. We are still about 3 weeks away from closing and then the real fun begins. Lately I have been on a big Craigslist kick. Searching for new and curious items to fill my house.

One thing that has become painfully apparent, I don't have too many possessions. I have moved all around the country for my various reporting/anchoring jobs and then when I moved overseas I got rid of pretty much everything! So I have to build up my worldly possessions. Anywho... I have been cruising CL for everything from a console table to a bench to mediocre things like I really want a birdcage, and a neat old school coat rack.

I just have one bone to pick. People who sell their items grossly overpriced. Really? I mean, really?? You cannot price your items for the exact same price you purchased it at... like 7 years ago! I am not much of a haggler but when I see a chair that was popular during the Reagan era for sale for over $100.00 I am mortified. Who has the guts to take pictures of these horrendous items and straight up expect to get what you are asking for? It's simply embarrassing.
Here is some of my helpful advice:

Examine the photos on the ad with a fine tooth comb. look at it, and keep looking, and then look again. Find the flaws and ask the seller about them. Usually they are honest, but you don't want a SURPRISE when you arrive to pick up your supposedly "gently used couch"

Look for a reasonable price. Just because the buyer bought it at "Crate and Barrel", "West Elm", or "Room & Board" doesn't mean you have to pay top dollar for it.

Utilize the SEARCH function. If I am looking for a higher end item I will just search for the specific brand. It makes wading through the crappy furniture almost bearable.

Keep an eye out for the desperate seller. It sounds sad that you are preying on people that need to get rid of their stuff but when people are moving, in a bad situation, or need a quick buck you can get some really great stuff. 

Happy Shopping!

ps, here is a sampling of what I found...

Cool piece of furniture not for 899.00

One Man's Trash....

Well used Chaise lounge. 500 bucks?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


i stumbled across this quote. It made me momentarily happy   xoxo kelly

"awkward is: beautiful/sublime self-deprecation/moments of complete truths/subconscious bravery/where falsities fall away/fun wrapped in situ/ awkward is: human."

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Los Suns

Quick and Dirty:

I am big time news junkie, so when I heard that the entire Phoenix Suns team decided to wear jerseys that read “Los Suns” during Game Two of its playoff game against the San Antonio Spurs. Way to take a stand. It’s in part like a silent protest of the new immigration law that has caused a lot of uproar. So many issues come to play when you discuss immigration. Phoenix has a very large latino community. And even though the NBA consists of only about 15% Latino, Hispanic players, its pretty cool that they have decided to take action in a much larger discussion that is sure to effect people living in their community.

You’ve heard the drama behind it right? Well, here is the short version. Basically, the new law allows police in Arizona to demand proof of residency. Some people believe it encourages racial profiling, but others say that it’s a necessary option since there are so many illegal immigrants flowing into the state (I believe, Texas will follow with something similar). I do believe something should be done about the illegal immigration issue that is plaguing the Southern states, BUT… I don’t think this new law is necessarily “fair”. Times like this, I am happy I am not a lawmaker.