Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Kelly Belly

Which one of us is pregnant anyway?  I have never been a hypochondriac but I really think I have this syndrome. It’s called: Couvade syndrome, basically it is when the husband or partner of an expectant mother experiences some of the same symptoms and behavior as the mother. The behavior I have taken up is over-eating and emotional eating. I believe I have gained more baby weight than my prego roommate. How is this possible?? And to be technical, I am not really the “partner” of my pregnant roommate… She has a husband, and I have yet to notice him gain weight. I could also have weird hormone levels, morning nausea, and disturbed sleep patterns. None of these things have occurred, but I sure feel more fluffy around my dreaded mid-section.
As my roommate gains weight with her tiny and adorable baby bump, I am also gaining a bit of a bump. But, my bump will not be a bundle of joy. I am hoping to ditch the round midsection sooner than later.
Okay…to be fair I am not necessarily out of shape, but as the weather has become seasonally warmer I have noticed that my body looks a little bit different. I am a pretty slender person but something seems a bit more round around the middle. Does everyone notice a difference when the spring arrives?
Well, in an effort to be somewhat prepared for even warmer weather I have been going on walks every evening with Hendrix. This has made him very happy and me very happy, too.
Tonight I walked around Lake Nokomis with Tiffany and the pup. It has been so gorgeous outside. I have to take advantage. I have a new process…before I even think about it; I lace up my sneakers and throw on my black gym shorts and jet outside. If I even ponder my next step…I will talk myself out of going. Yesterday I walked around my neighborhood with my Zune turned up so loud, and I even jogged. Hendrix likes to stop and smell quite a bit so it allowed for a very easy pace. And he was so tired he even let a few small children pet him. Boy that was a break-through.
I hope to lose this baby weight soon. I would hate for anyone to approach me and ask me when I am due. *smile*

xoxo Kels

OT: & I apologize in advance for talking about my weight. I know how annoying it can be. Cheers to HEALTH!


  1. Well, if it makes you feel any better, Jennie said if she didn't know I was pregnant she would just think I was a girl who gained all her weight in her stomach... nice.

    i'll be back in line at DQ tonight ;)

  2. This is hilarious!! You are too funny.

    So if you get a sec shoot me an email... I wanted to ask you something...