Tuesday, June 15, 2010

i'm BACK!

i know... i know.. i have fallen off the blog train. And I sincerely apologize to my 13 readers. :) HA HA just kidding. But really, I have been so overwhelmed by the move, work, other stuff, that I have really stopped blogging all together. Many apologies.

The move was incredible. I have some of the best people in the world in my inner circle of friends. They helped out immensely and -- I am so thankful to have them in my lives. Right now the unpacking is causing me to go crazy. I need a professional organizer to work on my mounds of clothes and shoes. I have started to purge though!! Getting rid of clothes I haven't worn since my days in St. Cloud. Yeah. That OLD.

What has been keeping me busy?
Besides the move? Hendrix. He is adjusting slowly to the new digs. Barks like crazy at the neighbors who have all been really sweet. I am taking him on walks to make him familiar with the 'hood. I think he likes it so far. Work has been very busy. The start of the Summer leads to a lot of events, and even more segments for TCL. I like the pace and during the summer I feel like stories are easier to come by. I created a new series and the excitement about it has been AWESOME. I love it. I will tell you more soon.

Domestic Life: Sucks. I bought a brand new lawn-mower from Menard's, I figured I would need one and I need to learn how to tackle daily chores of being a homeowner. I unpacked it, put it together, and added gas and pulled the cord thingee. I finally started it on the 4th try and it worked for about 80 seconds. Then I tried pulling the cord and it would only pull out like 9 inches. And I tried everything to make it pull out more. Didn't work. Sooo I have a brand new broken lawn mower and long grass. It really sucks. I should have just paid someone to cut the damn grass, but I wanted to do it myself. So -- the next job is to find someone to fix said lawnmower. Oh-- and DON'T BUY from Menard's -- Once you put gas into a mower you buy there, no matter how soon you bought it, they will not return it. So I am just stuck with it. I am really upset. Ugh!!!!

This is kind of a hodge-podge of thoughts and ideas so sorry if I am all over the place. I promise to write more regularly. Promise!!


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