Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hot & Cold

This blogging thing is still an incredible experiment. I go in spurts of extreme "I've got so much to say" and then I go to "all quiet on the western front" I don't mean to do that to all of you readers out there. I just have been kinda of blah, and then busy. Then blah again.
I might jump around with my subject matter, so hang on tight. Or not.

Summertime in Minnesota is unbeatable. Honestly. No place I would rather be. I have been working out religiously --and by religious I mean about 3-4 times a week with a good friend. I love it. I have so much more energy and feel better. My breathing, my attitude, I don't know how I survive without it. When we don't feel like going in the gym we hit Lake Nokomis. Which has been a nice change of pace. I also bring Hendrix. He loves it. I imagine him snoozing the rest of the day after we go for a 6am brisk walk around the Lake. I love it. What will I do in the winter?? Probably stock up on workout DVDs --a little Jillian Michaels? Something called P90X. Perhaps!!!

Since I haven't invested in Cable TV -- I have been watching crazy amounts of DVDs. It is always nice to check out your personal collections again. All your DVDs do anyway is collect dust. My favorites are still: Love Actually, and Bridget Jones Diary. I did watch Bustin' Loose and Finding Nemo last week. Random I know, but both very good in their own special way. I also had the opportunity to borrow Mad Men from one of my co-workers. I LOVE THIS SHOW. I am watching it Season to Season. I am still on Season 2 but -- I will be done before the week is over. I can't believe I didn't watch this before, When I had full access to Cable. Jeez. I was sleeping on this show. The characters, the authenticity, the plot and story lines. I am in love with a TV show. I hear Season 4 just debuted. I don't know what I will do when I finish Season 3... Maybe get Cable? Doubtful. I love this show.

The Radio Shows are going well. I am learning alot and continue to be so grateful to have the opportunity to host these shows. I am quite fortunate in that respect. If you do listen, please drop me some feedback. I want to strive to get better each week.
The new house isn't really new anymore. I am working on a few projects and loving the home ownership. I honestly cannot believe it is "my house". I hate bugs, and had to be coerced (?) over the phone to kill a centipede. In my defense it was hairy and had about a billion legs. I eventually killed it, but screamed the entire time and had to wear rubber gloves and use about a half a roll of paper towel to dispose of it.

I do have local channels on a converter box and I watch the news often. (Duh) One show I can't miss is Big Brother. Go ahead and laugh and make fun but I really love this show. It is very interesting to see what will happen when people are shoved into this house with all the cameras. There is bound to be a romance. (Showmance they call it, and its icky) and deception, and backstabbing, and alliances. It's such a corny show but I am just drawn to it. I -- wish that I would be cast on this show because know I would go far. I can read people and don't let too much BS get past me. (or so I say...I could be the direct opposite) Being away from TV and Radio, and Newspapers and current events for an undetermined amount of time would be crazy. I don't know what I would do. I will say Big Brother is one of those shows either you like it... or you don't. I take no offense, most people DON'T.

Summer is slowly winding down. I hate it. Make me anxious and sad all at the same time. Trying to take full advantage by being outside as much as possible and partaking in all the sweet things the Twin Cities has to offer. Wish me Luck!

Next blog is about Flugtag. I had an amazing time. Stay tuned for that.


Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Okay. So I am really confused.

I don’t currently have cable so I had to hear it from my twitter followers (& those I follow) about the Finale. I wasn’t really anticipating the finale because I have not really been a fan of the show since LC left. She was really the backbone of the Hills and I really tuned in to see what she was talking about. I felt like the other characters were just background characters. None of them, in my opinion, had the personality and charisma of Lauren, and the plot lines and scenarios of the other characters really lacked depth. (Yes, I am still talking about the Hills….That one MTV show)
So for you that don’t watch, or like me had to read all about it, there was a tongue in cheek moment where the final scene of the show has Brody Jenner hugging Kristen Cavallari and as Kristen gets whisked away in a towncar to live in London or something – the camera angle widens and it is revealed he is on a soundstage and its fake. Crew members appear and it looks as if a scene is wrapping. Oooh !!
This is CRAZY twist of fate. Not really, we knew all along that this show had some grey areas when it came to its authenticity. However, it is really crazy that they ended the series like this. When it comes to reality TV we know that some of it is going to be orchestrated, but one thing that this immediately reminded me of—is every time I sat around and watched…was it fake? It is kind of a bummer. The other thing that is disappointing is this series that started off basically as a spin-off to “Laguna Beach” really made the careers of several random no-name super duper D list “celebrities” Now we are left with Spencer Pratt, Heidi Montag, and Audrina Patridge as household names.  Ewww, make me cringle slightly. And even though they were rich, privileged young people before…they are even more rich, spoiled, entitled, and rotten than before.
For me, it doesn’t really change much. I stopped watching a few seasons ago, and only catch up with this bunch when they are on the cover of People or Us Weekly. It just brings up the question of reality TV, As much as I enjoy it, it’s not really REAL and hasn’t been for a long while.

Monday, July 12, 2010

This & That

this blogging thing definitely goes in waves. I had 2 posts in one day and now a few weeks later I am back on the train. I don't know what gives. So - I apologize to you 14 followers that are ready, willing, and able to read my posts.

I have noticed that if I keep these posts nice and tidy --short and efficient more people tend to read and comment so I might keep that going. It also helps that I haven't done too much in the blog worthy stratosphere, so that is also another excuse for the lack of blogs.

Exciting news! I started yet another job! Its another Radio hosting gig on ESPN 1500 Twin Cities. I am so excited-- It is a Men's Health Show and its on Saturday at 7am. This is kind of an issue for my crazy social life. But, I don't really have much of a social life. So there's that. Anyhow, each week a new doctor comes on and we talk about different topics. This week was with Dr. Nick Wills, and he was so awesome! The link isn't posted online yet, but it will soon and I will share. I was a bit nervous, a bit anxious, and I was just overall kinda of scared! It went off without a hitch. The doc was great... the subject (spine care/surgery) was good, we got callers, emails, it was a relief. Now, if every show goes like this I will be one happy girl. I hope you listen-- if you get a chance. Otherwise hit up the podcast.

I had the opportunity to go check out Streetcar Named Desire last week at the Guthrie and I was all about it. My friend, Sarah loves watching TCM and we just recently watched Streetcar on TV, it is such a great film so to see the stage version was really good. I was impressed by the entire production. I normally like going into a theatre performance not knowing much about the play, I couldn't really avoid this. In college we studied Tennessee Williams --so I had a good background on the play. It was very well done, I was so enamoured by the actors. They did an amazing job, the portrayals were spot on.

The only thing I would say is that it was rather long. I have a short attention span and it was testing me towards the end. I should work on that. Also,  Ricardo Antonio Chavira (he plays Carlos Solis on Desperate Housewives) plays Stanley, and he did a masterful job. At some parts in the play I could hear Carlos talking to Gabby. It was very strange but very good. If you have the chance to check it most definitely should.

Here is something I am mildly ashamed of admitting. I watched the Jake and Vienna drama on ABC last week. It was like watching a trainwreck, over and over and over again. I was glued to my TV. I also tweeted throughout the night. I am sharing them with you now. Go crazy. It is in descending order.

Jake is a goofy slimeball. He is just not truthful.

via mobile web

Jake is such a fake. she looked really surprised that he was like "shut up" LOL! this is like a trainwreck

8:54 PM Jul 5th via mobile web

Clearly Jake doesnt like an "underminer" Tenley is so happy that Jake picked Vienna.

8:51 PM Jul 5th via mobile web

guys hate getting directions. Jake is such a punk!

8:48 PM Jul 5th via mobile web

Why is Chris Harrison soooo concerned about Vienna doing any interviews? #ABC is trying to censor it's "reality" stars

8:46 PM Jul 5th via mobile web

Jus' Sayin': When you have to ask a guy to kiss you, that is NOT a good sign.

8:43 PM Jul 5th via mobile web

i really doubt Vienna stoped being passionate about Jake. although he does wear mock turtlenecks.

8:42 PM Jul 5th via mobile web

@Bethenny as much as i dont like Vienna i think she's telling the truth. no pet owner forgets when someone is talking s*** about thier dog!

8:36 PM Jul 5th via mobile web

 its getting good! who do you believe? #Jake #Vienna ??

8:34 PM Jul 5th via mobile web

He has shifty eyes. so that means Jake is lying.

8:31 PM Jul 5th via mobile web

Vienna looks like crap. Her hair resembles a ratty mop.

8:27 PM Jul 5th via mobile web

 #ABC dressed Jake tonight. he is such a fake!

I really don't have much more than that. Just working. House stuff. Hanging with the Pup. Enjoying the summer.