Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Okay. So I am really confused.

I don’t currently have cable so I had to hear it from my twitter followers (& those I follow) about the Finale. I wasn’t really anticipating the finale because I have not really been a fan of the show since LC left. She was really the backbone of the Hills and I really tuned in to see what she was talking about. I felt like the other characters were just background characters. None of them, in my opinion, had the personality and charisma of Lauren, and the plot lines and scenarios of the other characters really lacked depth. (Yes, I am still talking about the Hills….That one MTV show)
So for you that don’t watch, or like me had to read all about it, there was a tongue in cheek moment where the final scene of the show has Brody Jenner hugging Kristen Cavallari and as Kristen gets whisked away in a towncar to live in London or something – the camera angle widens and it is revealed he is on a soundstage and its fake. Crew members appear and it looks as if a scene is wrapping. Oooh !!
This is CRAZY twist of fate. Not really, we knew all along that this show had some grey areas when it came to its authenticity. However, it is really crazy that they ended the series like this. When it comes to reality TV we know that some of it is going to be orchestrated, but one thing that this immediately reminded me of—is every time I sat around and watched…was it fake? It is kind of a bummer. The other thing that is disappointing is this series that started off basically as a spin-off to “Laguna Beach” really made the careers of several random no-name super duper D list “celebrities” Now we are left with Spencer Pratt, Heidi Montag, and Audrina Patridge as household names.  Ewww, make me cringle slightly. And even though they were rich, privileged young people before…they are even more rich, spoiled, entitled, and rotten than before.
For me, it doesn’t really change much. I stopped watching a few seasons ago, and only catch up with this bunch when they are on the cover of People or Us Weekly. It just brings up the question of reality TV, As much as I enjoy it, it’s not really REAL and hasn’t been for a long while.

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