Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Soccer Studs

In honor of the World Cup. I am giving it up for Soccer Players. (Say what?)

Listen, I am not jumping on some out of control bandwagon. I don't know anything about soccer. I can't even pretend to know a rule. Or a series of rules. But, here is the deal peeps: Soccer players are sexy. They are just fine. Their bodies are delicious and they run very far distances. These guys have run through my heart. Sorry. I apologize in advance. Here are some hotties!

Yummy! Yummy! Yummy!


Can I just comment that I love abbreviations?

It's kind of terrible that I am admitting this. The only reason I think it's "terrible" is because, we should be able to convey our thoughts and feelings in longer than 3-4 letters. Despite my reasoning behind feeling guilty about liking them so much, I have compiled a list of some of my favorites. Let's move beyond the LOL's people!!  I am going to include quite a few abbreviations that I absolutely love. Some of these were created by some of my fun loving girls-- who I also absolutely LOVE. I would encourage you to use these abbreviations too!

** hope i don't offend anyone **

COL- chuckle out loud

SF- snatch face
GG- good girl
ST- sure thing
VG- very good
TD- true dat
SMH- shaking my head
SYF- shut your face
TMI- too much info
RO-right on
LYLT- Love you long time

:) Cheers!

Friday, June 18, 2010


So last night I had the distinct pleasure of seeing a play called Mame.

It was put on by local theatre house- Minneapolis Musical Theatre. I was blown away. I thought it was so well done, and the creativity and unique elements made the show really different. I knew very little about the production, so when I heard that a man was going to play the title character I was excited to learn more. Men performing in drag is nothing new for me (huh?), and it can easily be taken in a strange direction. This was NOT the case. The actor, Kevin Hansen was magical. His voice was top notch and his character was believable and fun. You immediately wanted to be friends with the character, Mame and I was beaming every time he... I mean SHE hit the stage.

My co-worker, Christian Unser played a southern gentleman... Beauregard Jackson Pickett Burnside. I was so excited to see him "in character" his accent, his jokes, the singing and dancing. I was really impressed by the whole play and all of the actors and musicians who made this show possible.

I like plays. I like the arts and seeing people who have full time jobs do this on the side. It's just amazing to me to see the amount of talent incorporated into a single production. This musical was very a funny, likeable adaptation. The story was one that any theatre-goer would latch on to. There was few dull moments, and all the characters were smart, witty, and generally well liked by the audience. 

I've been fortunate enough to catch a few MMT productions and I have never been let down. If you have the opportunity in the next few weeks to check out Mame, I would definitely recommend it. Warning, I am not a critic, but I do know goodness when I see it. 
Few quick plugs:
Who: MMT's  "Mame"
See It: Through June 27th
Where it's AT: Illusion Theatre, 528 Hennepin, Downtown Minneapolis
(Upstairs from the Lonetree)
Tickets: $28-$25

IMHO I think you should go check it out. Have a good weekend, folks.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Love-Hate NBA

Kelly claims to be such a huge NBA fan but hasn't blogged about the NBA finals at all.  Here's the deal, I have a love hate relationship with the NBA. There I said it.

I have never been someone to listen to conspiracy theories of how David Stern waves his magic wand and the Lakers magically appear in the Finals. But seriously, I am sick of the politics and I have gone on record saying this before but... I don't like sports dynasty's.  I will almost always root for a underdog and I just hate seeing both the Lakers and the Celtics in the final. That being said, I hope the Celtics win. I like scrappy, I like players who all come to bleed on the court, and I like athletes who generally give a damn about their squad. And I just hate the Lakers. I have never been a fan, I think they are pathetic and I am still questioning how they got Pau Gasol for first round draft choices and gave up Kwame Brown and Javaris Crittenton. That is just amazing to me. Yes, I have been thinking about this for 2+ years.

I have caught a very limited amount of the Finals on TV. For the NBA fans out there, they are making it worthwhile. Some of the highlights show two teams that seem somewhat desperate to win a title. And Boston seems fed up with the hype that is the LA Lakers. I will say that Kobe Bryant is making a case of being the Finals MVP-- and will most likely win if the Lakers turn this thing around and force a game 7, Boston is a little bit more tricky. I say it will be Paul Pierce again. He hasn't had the cleanest games or even been a high scorer but he has been effective on both sides of the ball. Pau Gasol has been a game-changer when Kobe hasn't shown up in the 2nd half.

Okay ENOUGH. I am over the Finals, and will watch NBA basketball when Dirk plays Summer League. I love you DIRK!


Sound Senses

What is the SOUND you most like to hear?
This is really weird, but I was just thinking about the sounds I love to hear. And one of them is: children laughing/giggling/singing.
Just had an awful thought if this is my biological clock ticking loudly. Barf. And no, I am not talking about children singing Kid Bopz at the top of their lungs. When little girls make up songs when they are playing or they are humming, its the sweetest sound you will ever hear. Or when kids are genuinely laughing at something that made them laugh, its so endearing.

Worthy Others:

Ocean Waves

When a Golf Ball is being hit really hard

Tiny Sneezes

Frogs and Crickets (I should say that if a Frog and or a Cricket were in my presence I would shriek and soil myself but hearing them from afar is just splendid)

Classical Music

Am I missing anything?


i'm BACK!

i know... i know.. i have fallen off the blog train. And I sincerely apologize to my 13 readers. :) HA HA just kidding. But really, I have been so overwhelmed by the move, work, other stuff, that I have really stopped blogging all together. Many apologies.

The move was incredible. I have some of the best people in the world in my inner circle of friends. They helped out immensely and -- I am so thankful to have them in my lives. Right now the unpacking is causing me to go crazy. I need a professional organizer to work on my mounds of clothes and shoes. I have started to purge though!! Getting rid of clothes I haven't worn since my days in St. Cloud. Yeah. That OLD.

What has been keeping me busy?
Besides the move? Hendrix. He is adjusting slowly to the new digs. Barks like crazy at the neighbors who have all been really sweet. I am taking him on walks to make him familiar with the 'hood. I think he likes it so far. Work has been very busy. The start of the Summer leads to a lot of events, and even more segments for TCL. I like the pace and during the summer I feel like stories are easier to come by. I created a new series and the excitement about it has been AWESOME. I love it. I will tell you more soon.

Domestic Life: Sucks. I bought a brand new lawn-mower from Menard's, I figured I would need one and I need to learn how to tackle daily chores of being a homeowner. I unpacked it, put it together, and added gas and pulled the cord thingee. I finally started it on the 4th try and it worked for about 80 seconds. Then I tried pulling the cord and it would only pull out like 9 inches. And I tried everything to make it pull out more. Didn't work. Sooo I have a brand new broken lawn mower and long grass. It really sucks. I should have just paid someone to cut the damn grass, but I wanted to do it myself. So -- the next job is to find someone to fix said lawnmower. Oh-- and DON'T BUY from Menard's -- Once you put gas into a mower you buy there, no matter how soon you bought it, they will not return it. So I am just stuck with it. I am really upset. Ugh!!!!

This is kind of a hodge-podge of thoughts and ideas so sorry if I am all over the place. I promise to write more regularly. Promise!!