Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Spring Wish List

Dear Awesome Blog Readers, Feel free to purchase anything you see on my Spring Wishlist.
In advance, I love you. XOXO, Kelly

I LOVE ETSY. I mostly just look on here for good ideas, but I really want these pillows. My sectional is brown and cream but I really want to add pops of color. I think these green pillows are just darling.

Pandora is doing a promotion for Twin Cities Live right now,
YES they are known for their bracelets but they sent a really cute ring, its only 80.00 dollars, but I cannot justify spending 80 bucks for a ring when I need to buy a lawn mower, or a weed whacker.

London. I wish I could return. I visited Sarah and Jessica when they lived there --gosh back in 2005. That was ages ago. I had so much fun and would love to go back. Other people have better reasons to return but really I would love to just spend another week enjoying the UK.

Tracy Porter is an amazing designer. Her website features the cutest most eclectic designs. I saw these green candle holders and they are just darling. Do you love them? Pops of color!

Hunter Wellies are so beautiful. Everytime I bring it up about buying a pair my friends scoff. They hate that I am seriously considering the 100.00 dollars it costs to take them home. Yes I realize that they sell them at Target (Exhiliration brand) for a fraction of the cost but Hunter boots will stand the test of time. Seriously. I want a red pair. Something BRIGHT. When I see other women wearing them they make me smile. I love them.

What do you love this Spring?

Monday, April 26, 2010

Out & About

This was kind of a busy weekend for me. I usually don’t hit the town 2 nights in a row but I just felt like I needed to go out and have a good time. This was completely and completely unplanned.

Friday Night: I got an email from my good friend, Katy earlier in the afternoon. I think it was five simple words “DO YOU HAVE PLANS TONIGHT”. Checked my social calendar, and what do you know….Completely OPEN. That makes me sound like a bit of lonely, but some weeks I have plans up the wazoo and some weeks I have no plans. This was one of those very open Friday’s, she convinced me (barely) to come to NE Minneapolis and hit up Gasthof’s. I am a big supporter of Germany –and beer so why not? So we geared up with our crew of Marcus, Katy, and I and headed out. It was a lot of fun. Normally its really packed and its hard to navigate in this basement bar... but with the weather being kinda icky and Spring Jam (Fest) whatever... it was kinda quiet. Even better!! Gigantic beers + Polka Music + No Service on my phone = GREAT TIME. They played “Roll out the Barrel” and I was caught in the crossfire of an old man who wanted to dance. Now this wasn’t your normal creepy old man, He seemed like a sweet old dude, who loved to dance. His wife was currently being danced with by some other non-sober young man.  Long story short, I needed to take my inhaler after he made me dance. I am terribly uncoordinated and drinking a gigantic beer and wearing semi high heels doesn’t really help. We also stopped by the Bulldog and I ran into an OLD college friend from SCSU, she is still in the biz and doing well working as an anchor on a morning show. She seemed so happy and it was so random to run into her because she lives out of state. I will say this about NE Minneapolis. It is such a different vibe, I love it. It’s such a refreshing change from going out in Uptown or even Downtown. Lots more Chillaxin’ and I like it.

Saturday: Was a semi celebration for the newly 30 year old Bridget. We had planned a night out and it finally happened, she brought along her friend, Steph and I invited Katy for another night out. We settled on the W and it was fun. Prohibition makes the best drinks, and I had a few doozies, they don’t skim on the style of drinks they create, and that made the night that much better (I had a cucumber martini and a Rico Suave – both delicious) We stopped by Prohibition but spent the majority of time down in the Living Room bar. Bridget seemed to have a good time and we got in a lot of great people watching. Like a LOT – it’s so hard to decide what people are doing or thinking. It’s so strange. I like watching randoms,and how people interact, this is like some sort of game for me. I know it's weird, but what else do you do when you go out... Oh, I did get “hit on” in a very awkward way. Sparing you the very colorful details – he was not originally from this country and he said that I was a “black nerd” (I sincerely think HE thought it was a compliment) I don’t know how to feel about this one. Sure, I wear glasses but – I wouldn’t classify myself as a nerd per say. I try not to judge, and I try not to let people who have previously consumed alcohol bother me, but this one was one of those strange occurrences where you ask yourself “What?” Wow. There is never a dull moment when it comes to my single life. Sometimes I just shake my head… at what happens. I am sure this happens to other fortunate single girls in the city… Also a guy approached, but he had a disclaimer that he was “married” and simply wanted to know what I was drinking. And the cross-dressing guy who was wearing a Britney Spears type outfit (think – Oops I did it again video, red latex)

It’s nice to go out –after you take a long hiatus from going out, but I think I am going to refrain for a bit. I want the weather to return to perfection. I think I appreciate it more when I don’t go out as often. Ah, the joys of being a Single woman.

Hendrix: Progress Report 2

Dr. Derr stopped by today to check in on Hendrix. Surprisingly he is doing really, really well. I thought that she would be prescribing the doggie Prozac, but that is unnecessary according to the behaviorist. He is still being a bit territorial and growls when people walk past the house, but these are all normal behaviors. I didn’t think the progress Hendrix was making was “normal”. I guess because I see him every day I felt like he hasn’t done too well but he totally is. I am really happy, and somewhat relieved about it. We are going to start to work on Hendrix and his etiquette in the car. He is pretty wild in the car, and likes to jump across my lap when the car is not in motion. So that is my next challenge with him. He was really good with the muzzle on, and Dr. Derr and I took a quick walk around the block and he encountered a dog and a little girl and didn’t bark or express any aggression. I am so happy. I am going to continue to work super hard to make sure that he is adjusting well. I really have to work hard with him because we are moving soon (yippee) so I want that to be a good move, and a positive one since there are small children next door, along with 2 very loud doggies. This weekend, I will set up an appointment with the Vet so that we can get his nails clipped. It’s been so long- I do have to go on a 2+ mile walk beforehand, and muzzle him. We’ll see how it goes. Wish me luck!

Tomorrow night, I will be headed to the Fine Line to check out Dustin Lee. More blogs to come about his show. He is an amazing artist, songwriter, and singer. I can’t wait to check him out again.


Monday, April 12, 2010

April Happenings

Very incommunicado lately, here is what I have been up to.
House Update:
All quiet on the Western Front (remember that book?) Nothing is happening, Just waiting for close. The appraisal is set for this week, because there are 31 days in July there were some minor changes in the close date, but everything is at this point great. NOW I just have to stop myself from shopping like mad. I am currently looking at Formica samples (i want to redo the kitchen) and paint colors for the dining room. This is the FUN part. I also did a drive-by a few times last week, I love daydreaming about what I will be doing there in a few months. It’s all so exciting.
I am much too young to be a Godmother. I know, but I AM!! Karyn asked me to be her Godmother to her newest daughter. When I look at her, I am so much in love with this little girl. I see the future, I see promise, I just hope she comes to me and asks me questions and I show her what is positive about her spiritual journey. I don’t know HOW to Godmother but I hope to do her justice. I am working on a special gift for her – its bringing out my arts and crafty side.
Bon Jovi:I was fortunate enough to get tickets to Bon Jovi at the Excel last week. We were in a Suite so we were not down on the floor but the view was amazing! I did really enjoy the show. I am not much of a Bon Jovi fan. I am sorry – I am not (I know about 4 songs, and its mostly drunken Karaoke times) My take: It was a masterful show. He got so close to fans, and really was a great performer. Two observations: 1. People REALLY freaking love Bon Jovi. 2. Richie Sambora is old. When I saw Bon Jovi, I was like, he looks a bit short…I would guess like 5’9 at the tallest and – Richie Sambora appears to be in his middle 60s. Dude has not aged well.
Photo Shoot:
I took Headshots for another venture I am working on. Mums the word on exactly WHAT I am working on but I will share the photos if they turn out. I am no model. The photographer had to direct me, and Tyra would be mortified at how horrible I was. I got sick of smiling and gave up half way through it, and I think she took over 200 shots. I hope to get 5 good ones out of that.

Minnesota Wealth:
I am hosting a radio show! I am working alongside Clinton Gerner and Richard Bunin. They are the brains behind this whole operation. Shameless plug: It’s on myTalk 107.1 on Sundays from 3-4pm and I am TOTALLY excited. It’s all about finance, and learning more about it. How to get it, how to keep it, and how to protect your money. Let's get it straight people... I am not an expert on the issue of finance but I am definitely going to learn. I know a lot of people who already listen to it, so I am hopeful more people will tune in to listen to me. Just letting y'all know. I have years of experience as a reporter/anchor but Radio is a whole new ball of wax. I am excited and nervous but I know that I will make it my own. Thanks for the support, kids!

More Soon! I promise!!