Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Spring Wish List

Dear Awesome Blog Readers, Feel free to purchase anything you see on my Spring Wishlist.
In advance, I love you. XOXO, Kelly

I LOVE ETSY. I mostly just look on here for good ideas, but I really want these pillows. My sectional is brown and cream but I really want to add pops of color. I think these green pillows are just darling.

Pandora is doing a promotion for Twin Cities Live right now,
YES they are known for their bracelets but they sent a really cute ring, its only 80.00 dollars, but I cannot justify spending 80 bucks for a ring when I need to buy a lawn mower, or a weed whacker.

London. I wish I could return. I visited Sarah and Jessica when they lived there --gosh back in 2005. That was ages ago. I had so much fun and would love to go back. Other people have better reasons to return but really I would love to just spend another week enjoying the UK.

Tracy Porter is an amazing designer. Her website features the cutest most eclectic designs. I saw these green candle holders and they are just darling. Do you love them? Pops of color!

Hunter Wellies are so beautiful. Everytime I bring it up about buying a pair my friends scoff. They hate that I am seriously considering the 100.00 dollars it costs to take them home. Yes I realize that they sell them at Target (Exhiliration brand) for a fraction of the cost but Hunter boots will stand the test of time. Seriously. I want a red pair. Something BRIGHT. When I see other women wearing them they make me smile. I love them.

What do you love this Spring?

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