Monday, April 26, 2010

Hendrix: Progress Report 2

Dr. Derr stopped by today to check in on Hendrix. Surprisingly he is doing really, really well. I thought that she would be prescribing the doggie Prozac, but that is unnecessary according to the behaviorist. He is still being a bit territorial and growls when people walk past the house, but these are all normal behaviors. I didn’t think the progress Hendrix was making was “normal”. I guess because I see him every day I felt like he hasn’t done too well but he totally is. I am really happy, and somewhat relieved about it. We are going to start to work on Hendrix and his etiquette in the car. He is pretty wild in the car, and likes to jump across my lap when the car is not in motion. So that is my next challenge with him. He was really good with the muzzle on, and Dr. Derr and I took a quick walk around the block and he encountered a dog and a little girl and didn’t bark or express any aggression. I am so happy. I am going to continue to work super hard to make sure that he is adjusting well. I really have to work hard with him because we are moving soon (yippee) so I want that to be a good move, and a positive one since there are small children next door, along with 2 very loud doggies. This weekend, I will set up an appointment with the Vet so that we can get his nails clipped. It’s been so long- I do have to go on a 2+ mile walk beforehand, and muzzle him. We’ll see how it goes. Wish me luck!

Tomorrow night, I will be headed to the Fine Line to check out Dustin Lee. More blogs to come about his show. He is an amazing artist, songwriter, and singer. I can’t wait to check him out again.


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