Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sound Senses

What is the SOUND you most like to hear?
This is really weird, but I was just thinking about the sounds I love to hear. And one of them is: children laughing/giggling/singing.
Just had an awful thought if this is my biological clock ticking loudly. Barf. And no, I am not talking about children singing Kid Bopz at the top of their lungs. When little girls make up songs when they are playing or they are humming, its the sweetest sound you will ever hear. Or when kids are genuinely laughing at something that made them laugh, its so endearing.

Worthy Others:

Ocean Waves

When a Golf Ball is being hit really hard

Tiny Sneezes

Frogs and Crickets (I should say that if a Frog and or a Cricket were in my presence I would shriek and soil myself but hearing them from afar is just splendid)

Classical Music

Am I missing anything?


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