Friday, May 14, 2010

Fascination with Craigslist

Most of you know that i am planning a big move! i really can't wait. We are still about 3 weeks away from closing and then the real fun begins. Lately I have been on a big Craigslist kick. Searching for new and curious items to fill my house.

One thing that has become painfully apparent, I don't have too many possessions. I have moved all around the country for my various reporting/anchoring jobs and then when I moved overseas I got rid of pretty much everything! So I have to build up my worldly possessions. Anywho... I have been cruising CL for everything from a console table to a bench to mediocre things like I really want a birdcage, and a neat old school coat rack.

I just have one bone to pick. People who sell their items grossly overpriced. Really? I mean, really?? You cannot price your items for the exact same price you purchased it at... like 7 years ago! I am not much of a haggler but when I see a chair that was popular during the Reagan era for sale for over $100.00 I am mortified. Who has the guts to take pictures of these horrendous items and straight up expect to get what you are asking for? It's simply embarrassing.
Here is some of my helpful advice:

Examine the photos on the ad with a fine tooth comb. look at it, and keep looking, and then look again. Find the flaws and ask the seller about them. Usually they are honest, but you don't want a SURPRISE when you arrive to pick up your supposedly "gently used couch"

Look for a reasonable price. Just because the buyer bought it at "Crate and Barrel", "West Elm", or "Room & Board" doesn't mean you have to pay top dollar for it.

Utilize the SEARCH function. If I am looking for a higher end item I will just search for the specific brand. It makes wading through the crappy furniture almost bearable.

Keep an eye out for the desperate seller. It sounds sad that you are preying on people that need to get rid of their stuff but when people are moving, in a bad situation, or need a quick buck you can get some really great stuff. 

Happy Shopping!

ps, here is a sampling of what I found...

Cool piece of furniture not for 899.00

One Man's Trash....

Well used Chaise lounge. 500 bucks?


  1. I have to agree! I am an avid Craigslist user- I have bought and sold (and even bartered) lots!! From time to time, I have even been called a Craigslist "addict" or "junkie". What most people need to know is pretty basic- craigslist takes a certain level of patience and quick moving- all at the same time. Patience to search for an item repeatedly (daily) until a good match or prospect appears, and quick moving to call or email immediately. This also requires setting up a time to pick it up right away with cash in hand. All of my craigslist experiences have been good, but when on the hunt for an item, I make sure to tell my family where the pick up is at- just in case some creep is awaiting. Safety is #1 priority!