Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Flippin' Out

My mom was for once ahead of the curve!
I got a Flip Video Camera for Christmas!! Anyone who knows me knows that my mom isn't always the best gift giver. She is lovely, and chooses very thoughtful items. Its just her thought and my thought are sometimes not on the same page. I've received a few really great items (Hello....Paula Abdul "Reach For The Stars Ring") and not so good items (there was this visor extension thing that you strap on to your existing visor in your car...long story short - I don't need to shield the sun that badly)

Not that I wasn't excited I was kind of taken aback. I don't really have any thing to film. I have a dog but he's naughty so I can't take video of him. So what do I do with this cool little device?

1st thought: Re-Gift. This option is a good one, I have a sister who has kids.... she can take videos of them, take pictures, send the pictures out and she is the hero and everyone is happy.

2nd thought: Figure out how this bad boy works. I am not really that tech savvy. Case in point: I have a Blackberry World. I am sure it does a bunch of stuff like creates my social calendar, tells me what outfits are cute, drives me to work. But, I wouldn't know because all I do is call people, text, and occasionally BBM.

So what do I do? Go ahead and figure out how to use it? Or Re-Gift?? I could sell it on Ebay but I think my mom's feelings would get hurt. I am going to let this simmer. I haven't really touched it, and I read the box but that was about it.
Cheers Folks!

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  1. That's an AWESOME gift!! Ive been looking into one for my classroom.