Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Everything is BIGGER....

Just got back from my trip to Texas.
Sure...we get it. Everything is bigger in Texas. There are also a few other things going on down there. Don't get me wrong. I enjoyed living in Texas. I like the people. The food. The diversity. I will say Texas is a different place, though. You gotta visit to truly appreciate what I am talking about. Here are a few observations from my trip.

Waffle House:
None in Minnesota. Cheap breakfast food. Stays open 24 hours. So think Perkins but with a little bit more soul. Pretty sure they serve grits. Its a greasy spoon kinda place. Kid Rock likes to get in fights there. Apparently.

Jacked Up Trucks:
People in Texas really take pride in their vehicles. Even if they have like a 1982 Topaz, you might see some spinning rims. Instead of me talking about some fancy chromed out 24 inch rims, on the other end of the spectrum is a jacked up truck. It would take a serious boost to get in this 4-wheel drive vehicle. I can't really talk about it anymore, but you will see trucks like this on Texas roadways. Watch out.

Mas Club:
I cannot speak a lot about this, cause I did not get an oppotunity to go inside but basically its a Sam's Club but with only Mexican/Spanish products. 1/3 of Houston residents are of Hispanic descend. I didn't check it out but its really intriguing to me. I wonder if this is successful. Coincidentally, I didn't realize that Mas is SAM backwards.

Open 24 hours. Really bad but good food. They have breakfast. If you end up south of the border, as in Texas. Try the taquito. Its the stuff dreams are made of.

As a rule of thumb, you shouldn't buy any food from a stranger that is not working at an established establishment. I made an exception. I love tamales, and authentic ones. A lovely woman was selling these babies near the grocery store. Technically its illegal to buy food off the streets without a license. I am just above the law. I lived, no food poisoning and it was delicious. Do as I say-- not as I do.

I don't know what these are. They sound dreadful. Texans live by them. Its a food item. I believe you can order them with certain meats. They sound and look awful.

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