Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Social Media: To be or NOT to be

During Sunday’s GB Packer and AZ Cardinals game I found myself doing something I had never done before in a manner like this! TWEETING. Days later I realized that I had tweeted 11 times which may not seem excessive to you but it definitely is to me. Because of my job, I find that using an outlet, like twitter has allowed me to reach out to people I may not have reached out to. Confront people who have the wrong information (Hello @FoxSports9) and give out my opinion in short bursts. Is it relevant or does it mean anything to some random who reads it? Probably not, but I felt I had to get it out there.

In the office and beyond I found myself weary of the TMI… the dreaded too much information. Yes… I get it, you have Vertigo. You don’t feel well, you have a crying or sick kid… but do I actually care? Probably not. No. Unfortunately I am so self absorbed that I only care about myself. Okay that is not true… but I do find it odd that people but their business out there for the WORLD to read. I mean I guess they are your “friends”. I just have never felt comfortable with putting too much information out there.

I guess it’s the NEWS side of me that wants to remain limited in my interactions with the general public. Not to mention you are speaking to a wide range of people. Example: My facebook page encompasses high school friends, college buddies, peeps I have met along the way, work colleagues, friends of friends and acquaintances. Lots of people all gelled into one wonderful facebook page. Do I announce when I am drunk? Nope. Do I announce when I am hunting for a job? Nope. Do I announce when I am going out? Sometimes. I guess what I am meaning to say is that there is no defined lines drawn when it comes to how you use or abuse social media.

I did some digging around I asked myself this question?? Why is there this great need to Tweet or use Facebook? I found an article from this dude named Oliver James he is a clinical psychologist he said that “Twittering stems from a lack of identity” and he added “no one would Twitter if they had a strong sense of identity“. I am going to have to disagree. Many of the people I “follow” have a strong sense of who they are. Even to a fault.

I really identify with a few social media types that have used this medium to their advantage. I only have 122 followers. I am reaching a very small amount of people, but I think its amazing how people are using these sites to reach the masses and spread their word around. Finally, I encourage people to take a look and investigate social media sites…. I have used linkedin as a tool for an upcoming job search. I use facebook to connect with high school friends who I have not been in touch with for over a decade. And I use twitter to follow the LOVE of my life, Dirk Nowitzki. Okay wait—there is more to my obsession than just that.

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