Friday, September 10, 2010

BPC: after thoughts

So, I did finish the BluePrint Cleanse. It was much more challenging than I expected and I felt really accomplished that I finished it. The final day I went to a Twins game. BIG MISTAKE... Huge... ((that is a reference to Pretty Woman)) The smells, atmosphere, it was a bit much. The person sitting directly next to me was eating a brat, then chicken fingers, then a Tony O --cuban. I was not impressed.

Other than that. I did well. The last day I didn't finish #5 or #6 because it was too much. You'd be hugely surprised of how filling the juices were. I couldn't drink them at all. So I went to bed and woke up feeling energized. I was thinking of what I was going to eat that day but I made it through mid-morning without eating anything other than some water. I am sure my stomach was shrunken. Is that a word?

Anyhow, I feel awesome. A lot of people had opinions about this cleanse and whether or not I should have done it. I got a lot of criticism too, which was kind of unnerving. It wasn't a reason to drop pounds quick, it wasn't something I did not carefully consider. It was a good experience and I would recommend anyone to do it --if they do research & find out if it is right for them.



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