Wednesday, September 8, 2010

BPC: Day Three

Overnight observations: I haven't been able to drink all of #6. It is hands down the most delicious, but its thick and by the end of the day I just am kind of "done" drinking liquids. I saved the two swallows of the night before to drink the next day-- to get me ready for the Green Juice, but I never did. I hope tonight I will want to slam it down. We'll see. Also I had crazy stomach growling when I was reading last night. My tummy doesn't like cleanse time. Or does it?

Everything is fine. Although I am pretty hungry. Low energy level today. Although I woke up after 12pm. Green Juice #1 went down okay, the Green Juice #3 did not. I finally poured 1/3 of it down the drain. I couldn't take it. I am drinking #4 the Spicy Lemonade. Its nice and light.

I had 2 issues today. I smelled some yummy delicious greek food and that almost pushed me over the edge. And I am going to the Twins game tonight at Target Field -- that is going to be REALLY tough. I am going to have a good time, but without food.

Full Update on the completion of BPC coming tomorrow.

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