Tuesday, September 7, 2010

BPC: Day Two

I am still alive after one day of juicing. And I was actually okay. This sounds like a surprise to me too, I haven’t consumed any solid food for more than 24 hours and I am still managing to walk around and have a bit of energy.
I woke up much earlier this morning because I had to work. So I thought this would be a huge advantage to drinking the awful Green Juice. I started drinking this at 8am, and by 10:15am I still hadn’t finished. I finally plugged my nose and slammed the rest down. I am sure the BluePrintCleanse folks did not think this would be the picture of their cleanse but seriously, that stuff is gross.
It’s barely 11:30am and the 2 is nearly gone. It takes me no time to finish this juice. I love PAM. Yummy. But, I slow down because I know once I finish this #3 is Green Juice again. Popped a couple Advil because I have that lingering headache that won’t go away. I felt like I had more energy this morning but its slowly wearing off and I feel a bit loopy. Could just be my work environment
I am going to keep plugging away. So far so good. I have read a few reviews and it says the Green juice will be even grosser if you have a toxic body, meaning I probably have eaten crappy, fried, processed food and my body is just revolting at the taste & texture of fresh, green vegetables.

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