Sunday, March 14, 2010

1-2-3 Baby Shower!

The baby shower for my friend Melanie was a success! & I was exhausted. All week long, I was running errands to make sure the event was a really memorable one for Melanie. I was pretty much freaking out over the food choices. I am not much of a cook so making sure that the food was sufficient, tasty, and plentiful. With much discussion I decided to re-create a very popular buffalo chicken dip recipe, and make chicken salad sandwiches. Gotta give a shout out to my roommate Sarah and Tiffany for last minute help. I surely needed it. I also made some bacon wrapped breadsticks. For the dessert, I was going to picked up mini cheesecakes, and the cookies Amanda (the mommy blogger) created.
I decorated the first floor of my house, along with the help of my roommate Sarah. I decided to do a safari theme, but really the theme wasn't well represented. I used yellow crepe paper, and I went all out. Sarah had the idea of printing off the words "Baby Boy Dawkins". We used "BOY “on the glass of my buffet, and "Baby Dawkins" on an empty wall, I completed the look with helium balloons in some bare corners of my living room. (FYI: if you need helium balloons, show up at Party City in the morning of your event, they are fast, friendly and knowledgeable -- about all things balloons) Sarah also had a grand idea of cutting up some of the monkey napkins and we created this wall banner that went vertical on the wall. It was tres chic. In the baby shower decorating biz.

We played games, ate food, opened presents. It was all in all your run of the mill baby shower. By the WAY I want to have a kid just for the crazy amount of stuff you get. Jeez. She cleaned up. And this was 1 of 3 baby showers. Everyone seemed happy for Melanie-- there were 2 other new babies in attendance, and Mel's grandma had one working hearing aid. If that is not a good time I don't know what is.
1 cool thing: I didn't create this idea, but when I sent out invites I asked each guest to buy a book to create a library for Melanie and Rusty and the new babe.  Everyone really got into it, and it was so neat to see the different books that everyone chose.  Someone even picked one of  Rusty's favorites "cloudy with a chance of  meatballs" I suggest this request for your next baby shower. Mel totally walked away with a dozen or so books!

I've always thought of myself as having an eye for decor and event planning. Could I do it as a career? Probably not. But it sure was fun to try. For all the complaining, I was so happy to see the smile and happiness on my dear friend, Melanie's face. I can't wait to meet the little dude.


PICS SOON-- I hope!

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