Monday, March 15, 2010

Hendrix = Cujo

I have a beautiful dog. His name is Hendrix, and you will hear many a story of my doggie. He is a maniac. I don't want to even candy coat it. He started to bite strangers, and become aggressive within the last year or so. It’s unfortunate because he is a cuddly sweet dog. I wish that I didn't have to take Hendrix to the vet or the groomer but I do. These trips to the vet started to get a little bit tough within the last 6 months or so. He has tried to bite every vet tech at the wonderful VCA Animal Hospital, and we've visited a few Pet Smart stores and Petco stores because you can't go back because they hate Hendrix. My vet finally thought a good choice would be to have an Animal behaviorist come to my house to diagnose Hendrix.

Dr. Terri Derr from Veterinary Behavior Options came over this evening. This was just the first of many visits, and phone calls and consults we will have to modify Hendrix's behavior. After a lengthy discussion she figured out that my boy, Hendrix has some anxiety issues. He does have issues, and gets kind of obsessed with certain things. I thought this was just cute, but now I am starting to believe it’s a lot more. We now have a plan of action to get the help Hendrix needs. It kind of sucks, remember when we were growing up --and you just had a dog? And you fed it, washed it, and it and you lived happily ever after?? Not anymore. We even discussed doggie Prozac. Can you believe it? Yeah, I am hoping it doesn't come to that but it is a very far, far away option. For some reason this evening, Hendrix was completely adorable, very well behaved and totally calm. I was thinking Hendrix is usually a maniac with crazy tendencies that usually end up with you being bitten and possibly growled at. This didn’t happen, but she did take his "normal" behavior in to account.

This is the first meeting, and I am into it. I will do whatever it takes to make Hendrix a happy and healthy puppy. I am hoping by May 1st I will have some great results. I feel a little bit apprehensive but I am completely down for this transformation. Wish me LUCK!


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  1. Good luck Kelly! I know you'll get everything figured out so you and Hendrix can live happily ever after together :-) Xoxo Katy