Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mamma Mia!

I know I am behind the curve of this whole musical business. My first musical I ever saw was "Grease" and that was in high school. I loved it. You wouldn't peg me as a musical theatre person but I totally dig it. I love the music and seeing live stage performances. After every performance I see I am convinced that I could do it, and that I should just merely add on "actor" to my already full plate. Some community theatre would have me, right??

Tonight, I was lucky enough to go to the Opening Night of Mamma Mia! At the Orpheum theatre in Minneapolis. I actually won the tickets (THANKS VITA.MN) & I was really stoked, I had heard a little bit about the show and of course was a fan of ABBAs music. But not clear on the exact plot line.

I really enjoyed it. The theatre was jammed packed with women, and a bunch of young(er) people. So it was very evident this story was one that resonated with a younger crowd. I was really feelin' the music, the dancing, and the dialogue. I spoke to a few of my coworkers there and we agreed that we really wanted the actors to belt out the tunes.... It’s ABBA for gawd's sake. Get jiggy with it. (I went there. I am sorry, it’s late) I wanted them to turn it up a notch and just get funky -like Swedish funk. One actress stood out from the rest: Kittra Wynn Coomer. She played "Rosie". She totally stole the show. She could play this character with her eyes closed, the mannerisms and life she put into this show was superb.

My roommate Sarah who went with me, sang along to most of the songs, and I think she said she teared up with one of the songs, I don't remember which one (Oops). I really liked the 1st act, as it moved a lot quicker and the music was really fun, light, upbeat... I won't ruin the story but there are some fun twists and turns at the end. Am I the last person on earth to experience Mamma Mia!?? I hope not, but it was a really fun ride.

Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!



  1. Are you hooked now? I have never seen Mama Mia... I dont think I have even been to a play since high school! So glad you had a fun time!! Whats next?? :)

  2. I have always been hooked, its just a bit expensive to go to all the shows I want to see. For my next theatre performance?? I don't know! I have heard good things about Avenue Q. You should try and go to a show sometime. You will love it!