Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Anyone who knows me KNOWS I LOVE Dirk. If you are new to the basketball court, I am talking about Dirk Nowitzki, #41 Dallas Mavericks. Dallas was playing the Timberwolves last night at the Target Center, and I got the opportunity to go to the game with a few of my buddies. Here's a few pictures... I was trying to concentrate on the game so not too many "good ones"

 It’s always a good time to see the Mavericks playing well late in the season. It’s almost a given for them to be included in the playoffs although, they haven’t been as successful as Mark Cuban or myself would like.

I have been in love with Dirk, for the past 10-plus years. I know, I know, I have heard the naysayer’s talking trash about my 7 foot German Lover but it’s not all about what is on the outside. I am a huge NBA fan. I love the game, I love watching how the game has evolved, and while some of the Superstars of the game have changed, I do have such a huge amount of respect for SOME of the players. Not all.

The reasons why I love Dirk is because, he seems very unselfish. Not a common trait among NBA players. He is 7 feet tall, and he can still handle the ball. This is very unlikely for a player of his size. Oh, and he has a love for jazz music, plays the saxophone, and seems smitten with rap and hip hop. Favorite moment recently? He said "Jigga Man" in his post game interview because he went to the Jay-Z concert the night before. (Giggle)

Bottom line: He is one of the best in the NBA. He can shoot, defend, dribble the ball -- and I feel like he is constantly getting better. A true student of the game. There are certain players that you just know "get it" they just aren't settling for getting a fat paycheck. He is a student of the game. This guy has a sweet shot. He doesn't miss a ton of games, he is a team leader, and is underrated. I know he is one of the most EFFECTIVE players in the NBA right now.

I love his hustle. This is the same guy who got his tooth knocked out during a game. And returned the favor against Rockets Carl Landry this year. Plain and simple he is the epitome of a well adjusted and talented player who is effective on both sides of the ball. I can't talk about his personal drama that dogged him at the end of last post season. I am sure if you google you will find it. But, I do hope he is still single and searching... :)

So you're saying I have a chance?!!

Love You Dirk!!

Few other observations:
-Najera is less of a threat, still made a defense impact
-Dallas has a decent chance in the Playoffs although, they don't seem tough enough to stop a tough Lakers team.
-Didn't realize Dwayne Casey was on the coaching staff
-Remember Dallas had a campaign "talent knows no border" When they had Najera, Zhizhi and Nash? Well they still got it going with (Najera, Barea, Dirk, and Beaubois)
-With injuries, Dallas bench wasn't deep.
-Al Jefferson was back after the suspension. Made his presence known.

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  1. Girl... you are the coolest! I love how smart you are about sports.. and everything!