Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hendrix: Progress Report 1

I've been working really hard with Hendrix. And so far so good. We have been taking walks, and spending time training according to the animal behaviorist. I got his full report and to be honest, it made me really sad.

Statements like: "Hendrix's lack of confidence in the world, coupled with his learned aggressive responses, are unlikely to improve without a significant level of intervention" Awww. |

A lot of people are giving me flack for getting this service for Hendrix because the cost is so great. It's hard to explain, but I really love this dog, and no matter how awful he can be, I love the heck out of him. So, I am hoping the training will work.

I did buy the muzzle this week, and some really yummy treats. (Hendrix is loving the dehydrated liver treats) and he inspected the muzzle but he didn't mind wearing it. Although I got the wrong size, it's a bit too big and he does look menacing wearing one. The roommates call him "Hannibal Lecter" :)

I will keep y'all updated on how its going. I am not going to even think about doggie prozac till May or later. I want to exhaust all options before drugging him up.

This makes me seriously reconsider being a mother. Jeez.



  1. You should sing Hendrix that "I Have Confidence" song from the Sound of Music every morning. :)

  2. Girl... you have got the biggest heart! I love that you have not given up... even when it would be A LOT easier to throw in the towel!

    You are an inspiration!