Thursday, March 25, 2010

Inspection Time!

I had the inspection this morning! It went really well and I learned SO much from my certified home inspector, Scott. He is a partner at Scheunemann Home Inspections.

To be honest, I was kinda nervous about the entire process. This is a make or break if you are buying a house and it’s kinda like the last line of defense before the home is really, really yours. I even called a few friends to ask ... what to expect? One of my friends said that her and her realtor just sat and chatted while the inspection was going on, but with Scott it was different I was all up in it.

The best thing was that I got to "figure" out what everything was. Yes, I could identify a furnace but now I know what to do if something goes wrong. I can correctly go into the basement and re-lite my pilot light. (Oh -- check it out. Scott says if you don’t have a long match you can use raw spaghetti COOL HUH?) He was knocking on windows and showing me window panes, he used his flashlight, measured a bunch of stuff. It was a great time.

Getting down and dirty and measuring inside of a toilet tank, or watching Scott go through a crawl space was pretty neat. Scott also made the time to point out the best ways to figure out the defects on the house. (There were only a few minor ones) All fixable and easy to do. He also suggested simple fixes to make my future home more valuable and increase the market value of the house! Woot!

Long story short, the house is great. A few minor repairs and things that I might want to strongly consider for the future. Things that I am slightly freaked out by: water heater, crawl spaces, and the chimney. Please... birds stay away from my chimney.

For all of you people out there looking for a House Inspector go with Scott. Especially for the young ladies, and families. Also -- he does Truth in Housing reports. So if you are planning on selling. He is an AWESOME resource there too! Good Luck! Click Here for a Link to Scott's website!

Also Scott was a great because he does Truth In Housing reports and that was really good because he would tell me how the report related to what he was finding in his inspection report. It was all very relative and made a lot of sense. I was very happy. Onto the next step!!

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  1. So glad it went well! Sounds like Scott did a steller job; what a great insector!